Urinal Bags


One for the Road is one of the greatest inventions for travelers. Disposable urinal bags save time, you can avoid frequent stops along the route. No Mess Gel crystals convert liquid to odor-free solid in seconds. 3 pack bags. Each urinal bag holds 17 to 20 Fluid ounces.

Each bag contains a non-toxic quick-dissolve liquid-to-solid gel pack.

Disposable Urinal bags for family, It is one of the greatest US patented inventions in the recent years. Like diapers, these urinal bags can be stored in a glove compartment of a car, truck, or sports bags or any personal storage area like women’s purse.

Please dispose of responsibly. Do not flush, Do not use while driving. Do not ingest granules.

Keep out of reach of babies and children.

Product Description

Disposable urinal bags for children, adults, men, women, boys, and girls who are on the move. Disposable after single or three-time use.

Use it while in a traffic jam, slow train crossing, golf outing, and other places where there is no toilets or restroom.

Designed in USA Patent #US8, 500,708B2.

  1. Unique design helps prevent spills and splashback.
  2. Gel crystals neutralize odor
  3. includes zipper seal
  4. comfortable and easy to use.

Instructions :

Place thumb and forefinger into the two holes provided along the funnel entrance. Gently squeeze fingers together to give the funnel opening shape and stability. Now the bag is ready to use. When finished, remove your thumb and forefinger and firmly press zipper seal closed. Now the bag is ready for disposal.


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