Proper Attitude Toward Leadership


Proper Attitude Toward Leadership Robyn Gool explains that attitude is everything.

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Attitude is everything! Attitudes can affect your success spiritually as well as naturally. A proper attitude can determine whether you win or lose. Robyn Gool explains how you should view leaders in the church and throughout your spiritual life. Discover the power and the blessing that accompany a positive attitude!
160 pages

Robyn Gool was called into the ministry in 1972 while he was attending Oral Roberts University. While in college, Robyn also received the gift of the Holy Spirit and met his future wife, Marilyn, with whom he has three children. Robyn served as a pastor in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church from 1976 until 1980, when God led him to begin Victory Christian Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The ministry has experienced steady growth, and lives have been changed for God’s kingdom ever since.


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