Low-FodMap and Vegan

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Jo Stepaniak is the author and coauthor of more than two dozen books on vegan cuisine, health, and compassionate living. Having struggled with IBS for decades, Jo knows what it's like to feel that no food is safe, even when eating healthy vegan fare.

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What to eat when you can’t eat anything. Digestive problems are a pervasive concern, with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) alone affecting an average of 14 percent of the population world wide. FODMAPs, found primarily in plant-based foods, are naturally occurring but poorly absorbed carbohydrates that can wreak havoc on a sensitive gut.

Restricting FODMAP’s is particularly difficult for vegans because a vast number of grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes, are flagrant offenders. But author and food-intolerance expert Jo Stepaniak has eliminated the guesswork. Following, her nutritionally sound, scientifically proven approach, vegans with IBS will be able to pinpoint triggers, plan safe meals, and greatly improve their quality of life.


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