One Thing


One Thing Today’s world needs a revolution and how do we do it ?

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Neil Cole demonstrates the Church?s lack of influence on our society because believers are not bringing true transformative love to it, but rather a form of religious moralism. Neil details how real change was launched within the New Testament church and demonstrated in history, impacting harsh societal issues like slavery and the oppression of women. The author details how similar change can occur if we address today?s pressing issues with love rather than a moralistic posture. Cole points out that the church has unrealistic expectations of imposing morality without spirituality to the lost. The church acts surprised when the unredeemed act like they are unredeemed. The real shock, Neil notes, is how the redeemed act like they are not. This book is a call for the church to respond in love toward the world and to not impose their own values on others, but rather live them out.


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