Electric Soldering Iron set


Ideal for beginners:

How to solder :

1. File off any dirt rust or paint on the parts you wish to solder. Heat the parts with the soldering iron.
2. Apply resin based solder to the part and melt it with the soldering iron. Note: Be sure to apply a solder paste to the part before applying non resin-based solder.
3. Wait for the solder to cool and harden before moving the soldered part.

Caution : Handle the heated soldering iron with extreme care as the high temperature can cause burns. The soldering iron may produce smoke at first due to a dried out heating element. This is normal. Never file the solder tip. Let the soldering iron cool after use. if the cord is damaged replace the entire device.

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Product Description

Contains :

1. Soldering iron 25W
2. Desoldering pump
3. Soldering Iron Stand
4. Solder
5. Spare bit of Soldering Iron Bit / KSOLD2N


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