Effective Keys to Successful Leadership


Effective keys to successful leadership Frank Damazio gives wisdom and Insight for God’s Set Man and the Ministry Leadership Team

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  1. The Government of the House
    2. Governmental Responsibility of elders
    3. The Leadership Team and the Set Man
    4. common Problems in Leadership
    5. Moses: The Set Man Model
    6. Moses: Teaching the word of God
    7. Moses: Providing Qualified Leaders
    8. Moses: Handling conflicts in the Church
    9. Moses: Spiritual advancement of the Congregation
    10. The Set Man Gift Mix
    11. The Set Man Ministry Profile
    12. Ministry Tensions and the Set Man
    13. The Set Man’s Unique Struggles
    14. Ministry Tensions and the Set Man
    15. Releasing Resources For the Vision
    16. Principles and the Set Man
    17. Prayer and the Set Man
    18. The Set Man and His Dreams

This text describes the “set-man” model for building an effective leadership team and a healthy local church in the twenty-first century. Damazio builds his case for what it takes to be a successful body leader in a lukewarm, confused, compromising, and religious atmosphere. Common ministry temptations and tensions are candidly discussed, emphasizing the need for personal vision and mission in the ministry.


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