Be Anxious for Nothing

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Be Anxious for Nothing The art of casting your cares and resting in GOD.

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Difficult times, trials and tribulation are part of living in this world. However, God has provided a way for us to enjoy peace as a part of daily life. We can choose either to allow ourselves to be burdened with worry and anxiety or to live in the peace and joy the Father intended.

In Be Anxious for Nothing, best-selling author Joyce Meyer teaches how to draw on the peace of God in the midst of negative circumstances instead of responding as do many people in the world with restlessness, fear and apprehension. She reveals the nature of the peace Jesus describes in John 14:27–a peace which is unlike anything the world knows–and how it can fill every area of your life.

Joyce Meyer explains why we should and how we can do the following:

Trade our anxiety and worry for peace and joy
Develop a childlike attitude of faith
Rest in the arms of the Lord
And much more!

You will develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your heavenly Father as you understand how He cares for you. By following the leading of the Holy Spirit, your life will be filled with unlimited hope and overflow with His peace, so that you will finally Be Anxious for Nothing!

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  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    The wealthy will not starve without government assistance, however I have seen people with nothing to feed their children but ketchup sandwiches The children are our future, their being well fed will help determine what abilities they bring to the future, schools recognize children who are hungry don t do as well in school The children can t earn a better life, cannot control the finances of the family as the heads of corporations can yet it is ok for corporate welfare but wrong for children?

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      Our take on this is more righteous you are the more blessed you will be. The 10 commandments are universal does not matter which religion you belong to. The rules are universal and simple. Poverty is a state of mind we always hear this story of rags to riches, it is how you fight your state and come out of it. We feel sad for the Kids of no fault of theirs are in this state. Our goal is to elevate this situation in any way we can.

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