Asian Fusion


Chat Mingkwan has traveled extensively throughout southeast Asia, studying the unique cuisines in this region. He worked in restaurants in both France and San Francisco before starting his own company, Unusual Touch, which offers cooking classes, Asian cooking tours, and consultations.
Filipino Hot-and-Sour Soup, Thai Simple Mixed-Vegetable Salad, Japanese California-Roll Sushi, Indian Lentil-and-Spinach Dal, Malaysian Spicy Okra, Singaporean Sweet-and-Sour Plate, Vietnamese Braised Mushrooms, Indian Baked Spiced-Bread Dessert.

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Product Description

A Culinary odyssey of Vegan Recipes, Today’s Asian Cuisines are a result of the natural fusion of local ingredients with centuries of influence and inspiration from China, India, and Europe. Follow the fascination history of Asian cuisines as chef and cooking instructor Chat Mingkwan shows how to create the subtle but distinct differences in dishes from Japan, Korea, China, India, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as those less well known to Westerners: Burmese, Indonesian, Laotian, Malaysian, Filipino, Singaporean, and Sri-Lankan.

Learn how to use both familiar and exotic herbs, spices and seasonings, and skillfully combine them with legumes, vegetables, and rice, noodles, or wrappers, Maintaining the native essence of each cuisine, chat presents meatless versions of authentic dishes that will entice both vegetarian and nonvegetarians to give new foods a try.


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