Motivational and Inspirational 9 Keys to Successful Leadership


9 Keys to successful leadership Make sure someone sees, hears, or feels love from you every day. Use patience and self-control to empower others to reach their potential. Let uncommon faithfulness and dependability mark you as a leader worth following.

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I am a compulsive reader of success, inspirational, and motivational books.
They don’t get any better than this one!”
Pat Williams, senior vice president, Orlando Magic
Your character–who you are–determines the leadership influence you have with others. In 9 Keys to Successful Leadership, James Merritt, a respected voice on leadership, identifies nine essential traits that make leaders less stressed, easier to follow, and more influential. Among the leadership qualities Merritt identifies are

making sure someone sees, hears, or feels love from you each day
letting God’s joy shine through your life
being kind to someone daily by word or deed
taking every opportunity to be faithful and dependable
treating others as more important than yourself
9 Keys to Successful Leadership points the way for you to become the kind of leader who makes a life-changing difference for others, perhaps even an eternal difference.


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