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People will ask you throughout your life, “Where do you work?” and “What do you do?” They never ask you, “What are you building?”

When conversations change to “What are you building?” the world will change.

Written for anyone trying to figure out how to make the most of their lives, Born to Build seeks to inspire entrepreneurs and ambitious, self-motivated people to build something that will change the world.

What Are You Building?

Builders are like entrepreneurs, but they are more than that. They not only innovate — they build thriving startups, winning teams, strong communities and better lives.

Gallup has discovered and outlined an approach you can use to build your future. The builder’s method empowers you to harness your unique talents for success on your builder journey.

Explore how to use a talent-based perspective to create a team that includes an alpha Rainmaker, Conductor and Expert and how to build an extended team that includes stakeholders and partners who are invested in your success.

The Builder’s Method

Grounded in years of research, Born to Build goes beyond conventional economics-based business training. Instead, it offers a uniquely psychological approach to venture building that helps you understand who you are, what motivates you and what you can build.

By following the practical steps in Born to Build, you will have the tools to build a sustainable and profitable venture of any size from scratch.

Your venture could be a small business that grows into a mammoth enterprise, a thriving new division in an existing company, a nonprofit, a social enterprise, a school or a church — anything that creates economic growth and makes a lasting impact on society.

Step-by-Step Guide

Born to Build helps you navigate the process of building and outlines a method you can use to build your future. This proven set of techniques can help you find or create opportunities for yourself as you learn the logical steps you need to take to successfully build something.

The Four Keys to Building

Born to Build introduces you to the four keys to building so you can get started on your builder journey:

  • Creating Self-Awareness
  • Recognizing Opportunities
  • Activating on Ideas
  • Building a Team
The 10 Builder Talents

Born to Build includes a section that focuses on the 10 talents of successful builders. For each one, you’ll find key traits, descriptions, examples of successful builders using the talent in action and ideas for maximizing your top builder talents.


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