Samsung Smart phone 20% OFF

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Impact Of Social Media Marketing On Your Ecommerce Web Store

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In today’s modern world it’s quite been important for businesses to have an online existence over internet. Because people now love to buy products online rather than visit a physical outlet. So having an ecommerce web store is defiantly is an optimum choice.

But just having an online store is not enough in modern completive online business world. It is essential to generate words of mouth about your ecommerce website globally that’s why social media marketing is surely is a right choice of selection towards your web store destiny.

Value of social sharing buttons on E-commerce websites.

Do you know that 72 % of all internet users are active on social media so being a business man it is an amazing cost effective method to convey their products message to massive audiences.

That’s why many of the Web stores owners placed social media sharing buttons  like FacebookGoogle +, Twitter, PinterestLinkedin, and many others etc, on their web site and product pages as well. Because these sharing buttons is an ideal and best way to viral your content.

Now have a look on some of the states about mostly used social media platform.

Influence of social media on your sales.

As you know that there are billions and billions of users on social networks sites that why you can’t ignore the impact of social media on sales as a business person.

People mostly use this media for refreshment and social binding. That why most of the realtors target this channel of media for their brand promotion, recognition, and awareness so that users can view their products in a relax and healthy mode and give them a strong push to make purchases.

Bring inbound traffic.

Every online retailer has the wish and first priority to bring more and more relevant traffic on their website. That why most of the business target social media specially TwitterFacebook, and G+ etc… Because it’s an optimum choice to divert relevant traffic towards your site and put a healthy ration of sales from this media channel as well.

Marketer’s analysis on social media.

According to a research that 93% of marketers uses social media for running successful business which shows there are a lot of people around the world who chooses this platform in order to promote their business in an easy way with less cost rather than to spend a lot of money on massive commercial advertisement.


Facebook remains its first place as most popular social media site and over 1.5 billion users are connected to Facebook. Some of the stats show that 23 % of Facebook visitors login to their account at least 5 times a day. 47% of US citizens admire that face book drag them towards online shopping and 70% of marketers uses this media to acquire new customers.

Google +.

As you know that no one can deny the importance and popularity of Google as a search engine. Being a best search engine in the world defiantly favor their own social media channel to help in increase search rankings. That’s why most of the online retailers have a deep eye on this social network.

Some of the latest numbers shows that Google + has achieved 359 million active users monthly and over 1 billion users activate Google+ accounts over the internet .the most important thing about this social media network is that it is growing 33 % per annum which is an encoring sign when you are connected to some online business.


No one can deny the importance of twitter as one of the leading social media network and known by its hash tag tool which is a common trend now used in social media especially in twitter.

Do you know that from the last three and half year twitter popularity reaches the sky and you have to take it seriously because it is the fastest growing platform in social media with a 44 % growth. Some latest fact and figures tells that 550 million users are registered over twitter and have 215 million active users as well, that’s why 34 % of marketers uses twitter for generating leads successfully.


It is concluded that social media play an important and powerful role for your product promotion, brand awareness, increase inbound traffic etc, but yet many of the business has not been taken an optimum results from it. But Now it’s the time that most of the business have thing about it and make a strong marketing strategy for it in order to optimize more referrals through social media.


5 After Sale Email To Increase Your Revenue

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There comes this time when you sit back and take a look at your analytic reports only to come across a certain loss your company is facing. It is obvious that it sure didn’t make you feel oh-so-great about yourself and you just felt that if you could find some sort of way out you would do anything and give it your all to get out of that moment of desperation and increase your store’s revenue.

As a follow-up, you start looking for different ideas by searching up here and there for ways out to increase your revenue, but end up finding yourself in some lonely corner all lost since you found no way out. See, the truth is, it is never so simple to find the easy way out of something, and we sometimes need to draw our own lines to define what is easier in our case.

Although when it comes to online marketing, the methodology somewhat differs as per requirements. It seems as if Emailing is the most convenient mode one could possibly opt to drag in new customers and keep the existing customers on a loop.

Email marketing is not only the only but also the best way to communicate with your shoppers being an E-commerce company. That isn’t the best part about email marketing; another bonus is a huge return on investment which is exactly what you have been looking for! Following are some interesting follow-up email marketing ideas compiled with the help of GO Gulf Dubai based marketing team.

Thank You for Shopping with Us!

As soon as a customer purchases a product off of your online store, it should be considered as a trigger that has been set off for a chain reaction of emails that go on and on. From the confirmation email all the way down to the recommendation email, it is all in your hands.

Just think of all those loyal shoppers who took out the time to put in the effort of going through each item till they found something of their interest and then purchasing it. The least you could do is show your appreciation by sending them a thank you email stating how thankful you are for them to have put in the effort of going through all the hassle to benefit your company.

The proper set of emails that your chain should consist of are; a confirmation email, a subtle notification regarding the shipment, an email regarding the status of their order (in case of any delay or mishap), and a delivery notification, lastly a follow-up email.

Tell me how it was?

Being in the online shopping community you miss out on the chance you see your shopper’s emotions and expressions whilst purchasing a product. It all seems so vague and bland because you just get an animated virtual notification that tells you someone is buying a product of yours.

In this case, what would make you happier than your customers sharing their views and experience with that product? Or even their experience regarding your services?

There will be negative responses too, but don’t ever let them bring you down, rise above all the hate and promise to make your service even better than it was before!

A Moment of Silence for the Reviews of Our Products.

Where there are ups, there are bound to be a few downs along the way.

We all know, everyone has their own opinion about things. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, or so they say.

You should ask your customer for a review of the product purchased to not only benefit you, but also benefit other visitors to the site. Reviews play a major role in giving one an idea about a product they haven’t seen or used before, allowing them to reassure themselves if whether it’s worth it or not.

Have I Ever Mentioned How Special You Are?

 It’s one thing to appreciate someone, but it’s another to tell them how special they are by adding in a bonus discount every now and then as a token of gratitude of being given the opportunity to provide them with your services.

This shouldn’t be too much to ask for when you are the one with the major profits from the whole deal. Cause this way you are sure to keep your customer hooked in deep enough to come back for more soon!

What you must include in this section is a gift item of any one of these: a gift card, special prices on latest products, discounts on the best-selling items or even a free pass to some of the early stash to gain their trust and make them go head over heels to be the first of few who gets in on the latest products! That’s almost like two-for-one!

Well, If you ask me, I Say……..

 When a customer is out shopping, whether in the real world or behind a screen of their device, the items they pick out tell you a lot about what they might like and what might interest them. As every customer is never the same, it is both difficult and easy at the same time to for a customer to be attracted to products even of the same kind. By adding in a certain recommendation, but silently without making it look like you are implying that they must buy those products.

By keeping a track of the history of products they have clicked on, preferred or even added to their watch list, helps you to increase your revenue by giving certain “Our Staff Pick’s” or “You Might Also Like” links to lure in more sales.


Why Some People Never Be Great to Adopt Web Designing Trend?

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So, it’s 2017 now, passing very quickly and we have tons of new trends and designs tactics in professional web design and development services area.  It is great to see that how every domain in web design and development is adapt to changing such as web , UIUX, and graphic designing, etc.

How beautiful these simple and modest designs look in every aspect.

Does everyone is following the newest trends?

NO, still there are many people who don’t adopt these changes.

They claim that following design trends can be a slippery slope because trends are constantly changing. So, if we would adopt the trends too quickly then the brand may become inconsistent and if trend’s life is of short-term then maybe brand can suffer for this act for rest of the months.

This excuse in the field of professional web designing and development services is really valid, but due to any of these reasons, we just can’t hold back ourselves.

Today, we will be discussing some of the people’s common reasons of being not adaptable towards graphic designing trends.

1.   Design isn’t just about Photoshop

It is something bigger than this.

Most of the people don’t understand that the secret to a great website isn’t in having a pretty design.

The real secret lies in its psychology which leads to the consumer behavior.

People should understand that color psychology and the associations’ related with it compels people to have a liking towards specific shades and tones.

Are curves better than the concentric circles?

Is simple Blue a great choice or the deep red one?

Should the design texture be soft or a simple and modern looking?

Graphic designers know all of this and much more to make your brand stand out among the others.


Google Material Design is one of its kind and is characterized by the “deliberate color choices, edge-to-edge imagery, large-scale typography, and intentional white space” for a bold, graphic look to make your brand more unique.

Modern Retro Design influences the stylistic ideas from the recent decades from the 1970s to 1990s and all of the illustrations create a nostalgic effect with a modern touch.

2.   Branding of web design is not that easy to understand

Yes, it’s a secret. Everybody doesn’t understand this.

Most of the graphic designers aren’t skilled in developing brand identities in professional web design and development services.

They’re good at developing a graphic design that effects your brand identity, but if you haven’t supplied them with that crucial information, they’re just assuming.

Assuming your target market, and what appeals to those ideal customers.

Supposing the values of your business and its marketing message.

The type of experience your customers will have when they work with you or buy from you.

You know what they say about assuming, right?

It would be really better to cooperate with them and tell them everything in detail so that you modern looking website can are finished in a justified way.

3.   You don’t need to be totally unique in professional web design

It’s not true that everyone is following newest trends so you should not follow the trend for being unique.

It’s really a weak approach.

Your customers will face confused experience and bored while browsing on your website as compared to other website designs.

It should be in your major priority list to make the user experience more friendly and easy for them instead of confusing them.

Ref product article: Custom Flyer Design

4.   New graphic web designing trends are not always expensive

Many people are reluctant towards adopting new trends as they think it will be quite really expensive.

It’s not like that always.

New trendy designs equipped with all the major tools will now come by selling peanuts but still, it won’t be a bad deal for the sake of and valuable customers for a longer period of time.

5.   Don’t be scared! It’s not a whole re-designing

The whole redesigning of a website is not that easy.

It requires much patience and creates a hassle for everyone; the users and admin both.

But, graphic designers are trained to re-design and modify only certain parts which are needed to changes and rest of the website would not be touched at all.

Still, it will be successful in making a strong impact in professional web designing and development services domain without creating many problems for you.


Microsoft Surface Family Product Showcase

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Microsoft is redefining productivity with the latest products in its Surface family, and the Slickdeals team was able to experience first-hand the technology and design elements that are taking the creative process into the future.

Whether you’re a student or design professional, creating content for YouTube or a big advertising agency, there’s a Surface product that’s perfectly suited for your performance needs and budget.

We took a closer look at some of the key members of the Surface family: the Surface Studio, Surface Laptop, and Surface Pro.


Build a Gaming PC with Tips

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Unmatched Performance

Experience an unparalleled level of performance that no other PC can match. Featuring a custom liquid delivery system and pre-routed power for graphics cards, this is our most advanced PC to date.

Liquid Distribution System

A custom engineered water block located behind the motherboard tray distributes fluid throughout the chassis, eliminating the need to modify the entire liquid cooling system for upgrades or maintenance.

This is Not Your Average PC

Designed from the ground up with a focus on unmatched accessibility and modularity, AVENTUM PRO unlocks maximum power from even the most extreme hardware configurations.

Integrated Fluid Ports

Quickly disconnect your liquid cooled hardware without having to tear down the entire cooling system. AVENTUM PRO features fixed inlet and outlet ports located on the motherboard tray.

Integrated Power Panel

Easily upgrade or replace GPUs with AVENTUM’s custom engineered PCIe power panel. Located above the graphics cards, you will no longer need to mess with cable management.